Your heirloom and open pollinated melon resource.

You are in for a treat if you think that the three types of melons you can find in the supermarket are all there are in melons.

If you are only used to shop bought and think you don't really like melons, you might just change your mind after growing some in your own garden. You can't beat the taste and interest of your own. They taste soooooo much better than those you buy in the supermarket.

Make colourful fruit salads and amaze your friends with white and orange fleshed watermelons, 10 kilo or tiny canteloupes, and very old and strange looking melons.




About Me

My name is Rowan. I live in Australia and I LOVE growing melons.

I grow many heirloom and open pollinated varieties of melons in my melon patch and I am happy to give growing advice to anyone who is thinking of trying them.

About my Site

On this site I will tell you all about all the melon varieties I know of as well as those that I grow myself. I am only describing sweet melons at this time.

With our government now making it illegal to import melon seeds I have to start breeding my own varieties. I will add some of those as they become stable.

When you click on a page for a particular melon, if I grow it I will describe how it has gone, or how it is going for me and the production I have achieved from it.

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If you don't live in Australia I can recommend Baker Creek Seeds for your melon seeds. They have a great variety of open pollinated vegetable seeds and many of my seeds originally came from there. Some pictures on this site also are Baker Creek photos used with their permission.

NOTE: Photos and other images on this site cannot be used without permission. Please ask if you would like to use a picture, it may be a pic I can negotiate on.

About my melon growing

To learn about my climate and how I grow melons in my melon patch please click here 


I have always loved growing unusual fruits and veg and I still grow a lot of those but specialise in melons nowdays. When my elderly parents asked me to move in to look after them it gave me an opportunity to expand into a tiny home-based business as I could use a vacant 1/4 acre block next door, as well as their backyard.

I have now expanded into 8 acres of vegetables as well as melons during the summer, at the moment I am trying to make my garden into a profitable business. I sell produce and seeds from the plants that I grow.


"I loved my visit last year and Rowan is the one to talk to if you are interested in growing anything unusual." -- S. G, Mt Gambier

"My melons took over my garden, thanks for your help." -- Russell Helithe, Bendigo