Apple melon

Origin - Paraguay?

Days till harvest - 85

Rind - Yellow with green stripes/splotches  Flesh - white, crisp and crunchy. Sweet but not too sweet, just like biting into an apple. Fruit weight - 400g

Ripeness indicator - turns mostly yellow over two days. Does not slip

 From the Baker Creek website: Adorable little tear-drop shaped melons just fit your and. The cheerful golden-yellow-and green striped skin is thin like many Asian types; the fruit is eaten skin and all, like an apple. The Gingerich family of Kentucky, first found this variety in Filadelfia in the Gran Chaco region of western Paraguay, in 1968. They grew it elsewhere in Paraguay and Belize for years before moving to Kentucky, where they have enjoyed it for several years.



I really like this melon, and yes, you can eat it skin and all like an apple (except for the seeds). This melon is perfect for chopping into fruit salads.

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Photos thanks to Garden Larder, Australia