Banana melon

Origin - USA. 1885

Days to ripening - 90 days.

Rind - Yellow, smooth.   Flesh - salmon colour, sweet and spicy.  Fruit weight - 40 to 50cm long and 2 to 3 kg.

Ripeness indicator - Strong, fruity fragrance and skin turning yellow (the photo doesn't look as yellow as it is).  It often does slip with a bit of a tug but can be picked when it tuns yellow even if it doesn't slip. Just trust your nose.

Banana-shaped fruit. It was listed in 1885 by J. H. Gregory’s Catalogue, which said, “When ripe it reminds one of a large, overgrown banana... It smells like one, having a remarkably powerful and delicious fragrance.” In reality this melon tastes like rockmelon, not bananas.

Sunburn resistant fruit and fairly drought resistant plants.

 My Notes:  The vines are strong and ground-covering.

The aroma of a ripe Banana melon really hits you when you go to pick it, and it fills up your home with its fruity fragrance.

I don't think I could call the flavour 'spicy'. I wasn't that wrapped in it but my mother loved it. Pity the large seed cavity uses up a lot of the space inside, it would be good if they had more flesh.

 Seeds available from many online heirloom seed companies.


Photos thanks to Garden Larder, Australia