Bateekh Samara melon

Origin - Iraq

Days till harvest - 95 days

Rind - Greenish grey, non-netted to very slight netting, sometimes has light white furring on ripe fruits.  Flesh - Pale green, distinctly sour and citrusy. May appeal to many 'adult' tastes but I prefer my melons to be very sweet.  Fruit weight - around 2kg

Ripeness indicator - green skin turns yellowish, develops some skin cracking.

 'Oblong fruits are brownish-green and netted outside, lime green within. In Baker Creek trials the flavor was an unusual, a very delicious, sweet-tart combination, with a distinct citrus taste. The name simply means “old melon from Samarra,” which is a city in northern Iraq. Apparently this variety is known to have been grown in the Abbasid Period over one thousand years ago! Endangered due to war and America’s aggressive promotion of patented seeds in Iraq. '

My Notes:

Plants are quite productive with each plant producing 6-10 x 2kg fruits.  

If you have a rigid sense of what a melon should taste like you might not like this one, but it makes a great palate cleanser on a cheese platter.

Disease: Susceptible to anthracnose, and powdery mildew

Seeds sometimes available from Baker Creek seeds 

Photos thanks to Garden Larder, Australia