Blacktail Mountain Watermelon

Blacktail Mountain watermelon

Origin - USA

Days to ripen - 70 - 80

Rind - Dark green.   Flesh - Red and sweet. Average taste.   Fruit weight - 2-4 kg. 

Ripeness indicator - Yellow spot where it sits on the ground and dead, dry tendral close to the fruit stem.

 One of the earliest watermelons, superb for cooler areas and short seasons, but it also grows well in some heat and drought.

Notes: These small watermelons are very seedy.  

2012 season: These melons bear well with around 5 fruit each. The plants nearly died in 43 C.


See below pictures for this years growing season info.


 Seeds available from many heirloom seed supplier websites.


2015/16 season

This year I am growing this melon for seed to sell to seed companies. Planting is a month early this year due to unseasonably warm weather for this time of year.

15/09/15 - Seeds planted


2014/15 growing season

1st october 2014: Sowed seeds in tubes

12 Oct: Germinating


 2012 Growing season

2nd Oct: Seeds planted

7th Dec: Flowering

6th Jan 2013: First fruit picked

17th Jan: Not coping with the hot weather so I picked all the fruits, they were ripe. 14 fruits off four vines but some were very small.