Canoe Creek Colossal melon

Origin - USA. Old heirloom.

Days to ripening - 95

Rind - Oval and ribbed. Yellow and green splotched when ripe.  Flesh - Orange, soft, sweet. Taste similar to supermarket rockmelons.  Fruit weight - 8 kg 

Ripeness indicator -  Turns yellow with green patches and slips .

Big, beautiful melons that are great tasting.  Fruits are prone to sunburn.

 My Notes:  This melon must be kept well watered until the fruit start to ripen to get the biggest fruit. They should be picked just as they begin to slip.

Jan 30 - Just picked my first Canoe Creek Colossal melon. The vines only produce one fruit each but this one was sooo sweet, almost too sweet. My vines are only producing small melons around the 1.5 to 2 kg range.


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Photos thanks to Garden Larder, Australia