Crane melon

Origin - USA. Introduced in 1920. Oliver Crane, the son of Richard H. Crane, developed the Crane Melon in the early 1900s by crossing several varieties of melons, including a Japanese melon, a white melon, a Persian melon and an ambrosia melon among others.

Days to ripen -

Rind - Smooth, greenish cream with green spots when ripe. Flesh - fine flavoured, sweet, smooth with no fibre, pale orange.  Fruit weight - to 2 kg.

Ripeness indicator - Turns fragrant, a cream colour and slips.

Delicious crenshaw type melon with lucious muskmelon flavour.

 My Notes:  This is a delicious melon, confirmed by my mother who is very picky. I will definately be growing it next year.

 Seeds available from most heirloom seed supplier websites.