Mini Galya Melon

Galya Mini Melon

Origin - Turkey.

Days to ripen - 80 - 90

Rind - Yellow skin with very light netting.  Flesh -Green, sweet and spicy. Robust flavour.  

Fruit weight - 250 to 300g and to around 12cm across

Ripeness indicator - Slips


 My Notes:  I'm not sure whether this is the same melon as the more well known 'Galia' melon of Israel. There seems to be slight differences but that could be just different peoples observations of the same melon.

After tasting it I will definitely be growing it next year although the production will have to pick up - the plants only averaged 2 small fruits each.

See below pictures for this seasons growing info.

 Fruit at 65 days from germination

 2012 Growing season

3rd Oct: Seeds sown

8th Dec: Flowering

16th Jan: Picked first fruit