Golden Midget watermelon

Origin - USA. Developed in 1959

Days to ripen - 70 days. (90 days this year)

Rind - Slightly oval. Yellow when ripe.   Flesh - Pink. Ok flavour.   Fruit weight - 1.5 kg.

Ripeness indicator -  Pick a couple of days or so after they turn yellow and when the nearest tendril dies. 

A beautiful miniature watermelon.  Very early. Seedy.     

 My Notes:  The little vines look a bit odd as the leaves turn yellow when they are stressed or hot. Nothing really to worry about but it does stop them growing because they lack chlorophyll.

The flavour is reasonable and it is full of seeds.

Harvest 2012 - Very productive this year with each plant averaging 6 fruits.

 Seeds available from many online seed suppliers.

Photo thanks to Garden Larder, Australia