Green Bosnian melon

Origin - Turkey.

Days to ripen - 100

Rind - Green skin with light netting. Flesh - Green, crisp, sweet.   Fruit Weight - 2-3 kg.

Ripeness indicators -  It is very difficult to know when this melon is ripe if the weather is cool or wet. It doesn't slip, soften or change colour. The best indicator is that it develops a slight netting when ripe. Don't be afraid to leave the fruit for an extra few days or week or more to be sure as it keeps on the vine well. It may develop slight cracking or softening on the flower end when ripe but this does not always happen.

In hot, dry summers it will lighten to almost yellow when ripe.

Sweet and crisp taste. One of the best tasting melons I have ever grown.   


My Notes 2012:  I absolutely love this melon. The plant performs well in most conditions and is vigorous. The flavour is good this year but not nearly as good as last year. Must be the weather, this summer has been much hotter and dryer than last year.

My three vines produced 7 fruits weighing an average of 1.3 kg.

The picture below shoes a melon that is over-ripe which you can tell by the darker green patches in the flesh. The flesh is lighter as I seem to have lost the darker green genes unfortunately.