Hami melon

 Origin - China.  Hami melon is originated from China. The name, "hami" derives from a place in Xinjiang, North-west China, where it is very popular for their melons. For several thousand years, Hami and its surrounding provinces have been the traditional growing areas of this melon but have since spread to the south of China too.

Days till harvest -

Rind - Varies   Flesh - Varies  Fruit weight - Varies

There are many kinds of hami melons and it can be in several different shapes and colors. But it is usually from round to oval in shape. Rind colors are off-white, yellow, brown or green. Some with lines, netting or patches.

Depending on the various cultivars, it is usually sweet and crisp but some may be quite tasteless, especially when it is not fully ripe. When it is fully ripe, it is sometimes with dark patches on the rind as if it's gonna rot soon and heavier for its size. But do not wait till it is overripe as it will get too mushy

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