Hidir Melon

Origin - Turkey. 

Days to ripen - quite late

Rind - Firm, wrinkled. Yellow with green spots.  Flesh - Light creamy green. Soft and honeydewish.

Fruit weight - 2 to 2.5kg

Ripness indicator - This is a hard one. I left the fruit on the vines until they were about to rot but they still had an unripe flavour. It was probably just the year. They go yellow weeks before they are ripe so you just have to test one every now and then. Lucky they bear well.

This melon is a great keeper. Handled the heat this summer well.


 My Notes:  First year growing this variety.

2014/15 update. I tried this melon again this year and am still getting the under-ripe flavour. I am not going to grow this melon again.