How to Grow melons

I really can't see how some people have trouble growing melons. I have grown them in many bad seasons and on many kinds of soil and still had reasonable crops. Maybe too many people molly coddle them.

Melons prefer a light sandy loam soil but you can grow them on heavier or lighter soil if you add lots of manure. They love lots of water (but the soil must be well drained) and manure as they are heavy feeders.

Make sure you water them regularly while growing but stop all watering when the first melons nearly start to ripen as water at this stage can make them watery and tasteless, and could make them split. Only water the plants while the fruit is ripening if the plant  looks really frizzled and limp.

Make sure you make the area weed free before you plant them as it is difficult to remove weeds while they are growing and they really don't compete well with weeds. Some people like to put down black plastic for them to grow on but I don't as I like them to be able to put down roots in the joints while they are growing which helps them grow better. Black plastic can also burn them on very hot days.

Very small types of melon can be grown in large pots or tubs but they never fruit as well as in the ground. Keep the water and fertiliser up to them. For tubs you could try Minnesota midget, Riddle or Sweet Passion.