Krynychanka melon

Origin -  Russia.

Days to ripen - 85 days from germination

Rind - Smooth, yellow skin with green, very light netting and some greenish patches. Oval.  Flesh - Light cream to orange colour. Flesh is thick with a small seed cavity and very soft and juicy. Only average sweetness and lightly grainy, pear-like texture. Honeydew/apple -like taste. The more I eat, the better I like them.  Fruit weight -  1 to 2 kg. 

Ripeness indicator  -  Turning from dark green to almost yellow and slight softening of the flower end. Light, sweet fragrance. Slips but needs a little tug. 

 Unripe fruits are very prone to sunburn. Skin is thin and tender, probably not great for travelling or storage.  Good disease resistance.


 My Notes:  (2011) I am growing this melon now. They are not a large plant but they are setting lots of large fruit, and it is almost as early as Minnisota midget. There is a race between those two to produce the first ripe melon of the season.

UPDATE 2011 - this melon is starting to produce a second lot of fruit. There is a lot to like about this variety. I like the fact that it is almost care-free. It just does its thing without molly-coddling.

Harvest 2011 - The plants averaged 3 fruits each with an average weight of 1.5 kg.

Harvest 2012 - Only two fruits each but the summer has been harsh.

See below the picture/s for info on this 2012 growing season.

2013 harvest - poor harvest due to hot weather, 6 fruits off 3 plants avaraging 1.4 kg.


 Fruit at 65 days from germination. Photo taken 29th Dec 2012.

2013 fruits.The flesh is more orange this year. 

 2012 Growing season

5th Oct: seeds sown

4th Dec: Flowering

19th Jan: first fruits picked.