Ledmon watermelon

Origin - Renowned watermelon developed in South Carolina by J.E. Lednum in the early 20th Century. Mr. Lednum obtained this variety by crossing Stone Mountain with Kleckley’s Sweet. Ledmun’s name was misspelled by a county Board of Agriculture employee in a 1938 pamphlet, and the name has stuck.

Days till harvest -

Rind - Slightly oblong fruits have a thin rind.  Flesh - pink-to-red fleshed, very sweet.  Fruit weight - 18 kg.

 The thin rind makes shipping this fabulous melon nearly impossible, and so has been grown exclusively as a “family melon” for generations. Tough plant.

Notes:   One plant managed to germinate a month after I had given up on it. This one plant has one fruit on it.

 Ledmon seeds are usually available from most heirloom seed websites.

Photo thanks to Baker Creek Seeds (www.rareseeds.com