Luang Prabang Avocado melon


Days to ripening - 80 - 90

Rind The skins are smooth and tawny bronze orange, with some spots and a ray of white at the base  Flesh - Cream to green, sweet when fully ripe. Dense and avocado-like when not quite ripe, softer when ripe.  Fruit weight -  500g.

Ripeness indicator -   Skin turns a bronzy colour and slips.

 From another website - Rarely does one find a melon with such unusual characteristics. Our intrepid plant explorer reports, "While we were in a hotel in Luang Prabang, in Laos, we were served slices of ‘something’, but we decide what it was. Because of its almost creamy consistency I actually had to think whether or not it was an avocado! After further thought it became obvious that it was a melon. Hence our name ‘Avocado Melon’." These melons seem to grow in very hot, humid places, which suggests to us that they probably have elevated resistance to disease.

My Notes:

 When slightly unripe, melons are not unpleasant to eat, but barely sweet. They would do nicely on a savoury platter. Turn much sweeter when fully ripe.

The vines are small and cope with heat well but the fruits sunburn easily. Productive, avaraging 5 fruits per plant and the plants are small.

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2012 season information

2nd Oct: Seeds planted

20th Oct: Germinating. germination delayed by cool nights.

8th Dec: Flowering

23rd Jan: First fruit picked