Melon De Luneville melon

Origin - Historic old French melon from the charming town of Luneville.

Days till harvest - 85

Rind - Fruits are round to oval or occasionally oblate, lightly ribbed. Skin is sometimes slightly netted and comes in varying combinations of light to dark green, in unusual patterns.   Flesh - Orange flesh.  Fruit weight - 1-2 kg.

Taste and texture - Sweet and juicy. Good flesh to seed cavity ratio and no fiber. Delicious.

Ripeness indicator - Slips but it is best picked just as the spots are just turning from green to orange and not quite slipping freely as it is quick to over-ripen.

Reputed cold tolerance make this a melon to try in cooler climates.

My Notes:  Will stand cool nights.  Some heat tolerance. 

2015, this is the first time I have grown this melon. The first ripe weighed in at 2.4kg.

 Seeds available from

2014/15 growing season

6th October 2014: Sowed seeds 

8th Feb: First ripe melon