Minnesota Midget melon

Origin - USA.  This very small, very early heirloom was introduced in 1948

Days to ripen -

Rind - Round, netted, tan.  Flesh - orange.   Fruit weight - to 1/2 kg.

Ripeness indications - Turns yellow under the netting, slips easily from the vine.

A miniature version of the typical rockmelon/muskmelon.  Can be grown in a large tub if you keep the water and fertiliser up to it.  Small vines that are great for small gardens. 

 My Notes:  I grow these every year. They are the first to ripen and easy to grow.  They taste just like a 'normal' supermarket rockmelon, only smaller. Perfect for one or two people.

2011 - My plants did not grow well this year and only produced  3 fruits each. Usually I would expect twice that number. Fruits averaged 300g.


 Seeds available on many heirloom seed websites.