Noir des Carmes melon (Black Rock)

Origin - France. A beautiful and rare heirloom from France, and the famous "Black Rock" melon preserved by the Carmelite monks. It was mentioned by Mawe & Abercrombie in 1787.

Days till harvest - 80

Rind - Nearly black in color, the fruit turns orange as it ripens. They are deeply ribbed and have smooth skin.   Flesh - The flesh is orange in color, thick, flavorful and perfumed as well as very juicy.  Fruit weight - 1.5-3 kg 

Ripeness indicator - Starts to turn orange/yellow and becomes fragrant. They do slip but if it slips too easily it could be over-ripe.

Excellent and unusual.  Prolific.

My Notes:  These melons ripen and go bad quickly and should be picked just before they totally change colour and while they are a bit less than half green. They ripen within 12 hours so check in the morning and in the afternoon. Sensitive to fungal diseases.

Very prone to sunburn even on mild (23 c.), sunny days so cover the fruits as they become half grown.

Produced 20 fruits off four plants


 Seeds available on many heirloom seed websites.


Fruit at 65 days from germination 


Photos thanks to Garden Larder, Australia