Panama Passionfruit melon 

Origin - Panama

Days till harvest - 80

Rind - yellow   Flesh - The flesh is orange in color  Fruit weight -  

Ripeness indicator -

This fruit is like no other fruit that we know. Upon maturity the lime-green striped melon like fruits turn a glossy yellow with fine lines between the segments. The melons actually look like porcelain. The next surprise is when a ripe fruit is cut open! The flesh of a ripe fruit starts to liquify, except for the outer layer, all of it can be scooped out, the flesh strained through as sieve to remove the seeds and then it is used to make an exquisite drink not unlike papaya juice. Scientific studies have shown that the fruit is extremely rich in Lutein and beta-carotenoids. It tastes like a papaya milkshake! The plant is in the Squash family, Cucurbitaceae, and it is a tropical/ perhaps subtropical climber. It should do well in zone 9 and 10 without shelter ( except rare frosts) and probably could be grown under protection as far as zone 7 --this is not yet proven but our suspicion. The vines are extremely productive producing as many as 200 fruits. It is all but unknown in cultivation! It is extremely rare! In a few words--shockingly gorgeous, delicious and nutritious!

My Notes:

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