Plum Granny melon (Queen Anns Pocket melon)

Origin -

Days till harvest - 75

Rind - Beautiful ornamental fruit are yellow with deep orange stripes.  Flesh - Bland flavor.  Fruit weight - only 2-3 inches long

They are grown for their wonderful fragrance! These melons were very popular in Victorian gardens.

My Notes:   I have grown these but don't anymore as I really can't think of anything to do with them. I suppose you could put them in your kitchen for the fragrance.

They are edible but almost tasteless and not worth it. They are similar to 'Tigger' melon but Tigger is a little larger and a bit more tasty. 

An alternative little melon that will fragrance a room but is also tasty is Riddle.

 Seeds available from many heirloom seed websites.

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