Can't be bothered going through every variety? Here is the basic rundown: 

Please note that some of the melons here are selected according to my own experience. There are many more melons that could fit into these groups that I haven't tried yet.

Smallest fruit (which usually means early): Minesota Midget, Rich sweetness 305, Galya/Galia, Plum Granny, Tigger, Horned melon (very late), Charantais, Early silver Line, Green Machine, Mango Melon, Kazakh, Petit Gris de Rennes, Riddle, Sakatas sweet, Golden Midget watermelon, Small Shining Light watermelon, Far North, Green Nutmeg,

Smallest vines: Minnesota Midget, Tigger, Far North, Riddle

Biggest fruit: Canoe Creek Colossal, Escondido Gold, Gingers Pride, Healeys Pride, Dixie Queen watermelon, Kolbs gem watermelon, Mountain Hoosier watermelon,

Drought resistant: Desert King watermelon, Sugar Baby watermelon, Arikara watermelon, Cream of saskatchewan watermelon, Minnesota Midget,

Disease resistant:  Horned melon (Kiwano)

Sunburn prone: Canoe Creek Colossal, Krynychanka, Rich Sweetness 305, Riddle

Sunburn resistant: Banana, Sunshine watermelon, Desert King watermelon 

Best tasting (In my opinion): Green Machine, Green Bosnian, Orangeglo watermelon, Crane, Sweet passion

Most Productive (most fruits per vine): Noir Des Carmes, Charantais, 

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