Rich Sweetness 305 melon

Origin - Russia.

Days to ripen - 100 but it has been a very slow season. I would expect them to ripen in around 80 days in other years.

Rind -  This small melon is teardrop shaped. Colour varies from white, yellow to green. Very thin skin.  Flesh - White, very crisp, sweet and without a complex flavour but refreshing when chilled.  Edible to the rind.   Fruit weight - around 200 to 400g.  

Ripeness indicator - From the fruits that I have harvested one was slightly fragrant at ripening but the others weren't. No softening. Change of colour from green to yellow or white with some but others stay green striped. The greens ones will crack a little when ripe, serious cracking skin means it is overripe.

Heavy yields. Not a completely stable variety.    

 My Notes:  My goodness!!! this is the best performing melon this season. The plants are piling the fruits on top of each other in the centre of the plants. One plant has 12 fruits all ripening in the centre of the plant.

With all the other melons performing very poorly because of the hot, dry summer, this one is easily the best of the lot as far as production is concerned.

My three vines are producing two kinds/colours of fruit but they all taste the same.

I might grow them next year for novelties sake but they are not a particularly good melon for taste. Might be good to breed better productivity into other varieties.

Harvest - My three plants produced 30 fruits averaging 380 g.


 Seed only available from me this year as far as I can tell.