Riddle melon

Origin - Russia.

Days to ripen - 90 (very slow season this year)

Rind - Varying in colour from brown to white to green.   Flesh - Sweet, fairly dry, white. Crunchy very similar texture to apple. Fruit weight - to 500 g but mine were much smaller this year.

Ripeness indicated by - lightening colour, strong fragrance, and softening of the flower end.

Unique little melons. Just picked the first ripe melon 15th Jan. Each plant has a different coloured fruit and the first to ripen was the white/cream fruited one.  The white fruits are prone to sunburn.    

 Notes:  I am growing these melons this year. The plants really suffer on hot days but are setting a lot of fruit anyway. The small fruit that have set at this time (1 Jan) are showing the varying stripes and markings already. 

The hot and dry summer means that I am getting less than half the fruit set that I usually get but these are one of the better performers. The plants look like awful from the heat and are they are struggling but the set fruits are growing.

First fruit: picked 15th Jan. White, tastes like honeydew/rockmelon/apple. Dry flesh not juicy, sweet. 128g 7cm x 6.5cm. Large seed cavity. Skin is edible.

Harvest 2011 - This year my three plants averaged 6 fruits each averaging around 200g.