Sunshine watermelon

Sunshine watermelon

Origin - Hungary.

Days to ripen - Mine took 110 days but all my melons are 20 days or more past usual ripening time this year. I would guess 85 days normally.

Rind - Almost round, light pea green, very thick.   Flesh - Yellow, juicy, sweet.   Fruit weight - 7 kg

Ripeness indicator -  They sometimes don't get a white spot where they sit on the ground so use the dead tendral method to guess ripeness.

 This is not the same watermelon as the hybrid of the same name. Sunburn resistant. Probably keeps well - I didn't have enough fruit to check.


My Notes:  I am growing these this season (2011).

 The fruit was sweet and very juicy but not as sweet as I expected. This was probably because I was watering so much with the hot, dry weather.

The rind is thick and the flesh does not taste good close to the rind. This is the only bad quality about this melon.

Harvest - Each plant produced two fruits weighing an average of 3 kg each. 

See below the picture/s for info on this 2012 growing season.




2014/15 growing season

1st october 2014: Sowed seeds in tubes


 2012 Growing season

2nd Oct: seeds sown