Sweet Passion melon

Origin - USA. An Ohio heirloom that has been grown since the 1920s.

Days till harvest -

Rind - Netted, Slightly oval.  Flesh -Sweet, orange. It has succulent flesh that is very sweet, aromatic and very finely flavored. Small seed cavity and lots of flesh.  Fruit weight - 1-1.5 kg.

Ripeness indicator - Turns a little yellow under the netting and slips.

 According to legend, the sweet orange flesh is said to cause a state of passion if eaten straight from the garden on a moonlit summer night. Some drought and wilt resistance. 

My Notes:   A very delicious melon. A bit like 'normal' rock/muskmelons but the taste has more body. A good producer under harsh, hot conditions too.

 Photo thanks to Garden Larder, Australia