Symrna melon

Symrna melon (Ismir)

Origin - Turkey.

Days to ripen -

Rind - Long oval, yellow.   Flesh - creamy orange coloured, large seed cavity. Sweet and fruity with complexity, hard to describe. Smooth and creamy. Fruit weight - around 800g   

Ripeness indicator - They take a week or three to ripen even after they turn bright yellow. They will slip when fully ripe. Don't be impatient.

 My Notes: First year growing this variety. Three vines bearing a total of seven fruits.

See below the picture/s for info on this 2012 growing season.



 Seeds available on Ebay

Fruit at 65 days from germination 

 2012 Growing season

3rd Oct: seeds sown

20th Oct: Germinating. germination delayed by cool nights.

2nd Feb: First fruit picked