Thai Golden Round melon

Origin -

Days to ripen -

Rind - Round, orange/gold, smooth.   Flesh - Green, Sweet and melting, and has a very unique taste that is somewhat un-melon like   Fruit weight - 2.5 - 3 kg.

These vines are extremely productive.   

My Notes:  I am growing this melon this season. The vines are small and delicate. They are just setting fruit now (1st Jan 2012) and I am finding it hard to believe they can produce 3 kg melons at this stage.

UPDATE: 20th Jan 2011. I have two tiny melons on my plants which look like they are going to die at any time. They just won't stand up to any dry heat. I don't know if I will be able to get any seeds this year.

Second Update: I have produced two small melons, both of which turned yellowish but not the rich gold/orange colour shown in this picture. Good tasting but not as good as I was expecting. Each fruit averaged 600g.


2012 season update: These melons are just too delicate and I can't get them to survive. Won't plant them again.

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