Tigger Melon

Tigger melon

Origin - Armenia 

Days to ripen -

Rind - Slightly flattened, yellow with red to orange stripes.  Flesh - White, little flesh because of large seed cavity, very average flavour.  Fruit weight - 500 g.

They are beautiful and fragrant. The vines are high yielding even in dry conditions. Edible but best for ornamental use more than eating. 

 Notes - 2011 - These vines are vigorous and put up with most conditions. They are slow to flower however and that is a bugger when I am trying to cross them with some other varieties to breed for colour but better eating. My other melons are fruiting away but these are not flowering yet.

2012 growing season - seeds sown 2nd october. Plants did not do well in the heat and produced two fruits each.


 Seed commonly available from heirloom seed websites