Vodina melon

Origin - Turkey.

Days to ripen

Rind - Long oval, yellow with light ridging.  Flesh - Green, very sweet and smooth. Honeydew type.  Fruit weight - 500 g.

Ripeness indicator - Turns yellow. Slips with a tug. No fragrance.      


My Notes:  2012, I am growing this melon this season. Took a long time to ripen, and even then it had a slightly unripe taste. I am sure this is because of the season this year, not the variety.

2014/15 update. Tried this melon again this year. Made sure they were fully ripe but they still had the under-ripe, cucumbery taste so I will not be growing them again. I am thinking that people in the Middle East must prefer this taste since so many of their melons are like this.