White Wonder watermelon

Origin - White-fleshed watermelons were common in the 1800’s, but due to corporate agriculture, these genetic treasures are about to be lost. That is a shame, as white-fleshed varieties date back hundreds of years and were developed in Africa from wild strains.

Days till harvest - 80 - 90

Rind - Green striped   Flesh - Beautiful, snow-white flesh is so pale it’s almost transparent! The flavor is unique, fruity, and so delicious (please see my notes below)  Fruit weight - 1-2 kg.

Ripeness indicator - Dead tendril is a reliable indicator.

 These will add contrast to any display and are sure to bring attention at farmers’ markets. This early variety is not for shipping as it is very fragile and cracks easily.

My Notes: First year growing this variety.

I found this watermelon to be extremely juicy but very bland in taste. Will not be growing it next year.

10 fruits off three plants.


 Seeds available from www.rareseeds.com, www.localharvest.org and www.glecklerseedmen.com  among other websites.

Photos thanks to Garden Larder, Australia