Zatta Melon

Origin - Italy. Traditional variety of Italy, where it is called “Brutto ma Buono” The name translates to “ugly but good”. This melon was first described by Castelvetro in 1614; believed to have been grown by Thomas Jefferson as “Massa.”

Days till harvest - 85

Rind - ribbed fruits in green to yellow spots and splashes.   Flesh - The orange flesh is very sweet and rich but is balanced by the great flavour.   Fruit weight - 1.5 kg. 

Ripeness indicator - Goes patchy green and yellow, slips.


My Notes: First year growing this variety. 8 fruits on three plants. This is a keeper, I love it and will be planting again.


 Seeds available from many heirloom seed websites including, and

 Photo thanks to Garden Larder, Australia